Membership Rewards

Conception, Design, Direction, User Experience

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Directed, designed and managed the creation of Membership Rewards by American Express. Provided multiple options for potential design directions and concepts for future releases and inevitably, production ready creative.


American Express prides itself on product values provided to the consumer. Membership Rewards is a significant benefit for cardholders. Through the program and eligible card charges, cardholders are able to earn and collect points. These points act as virtual currency and can be used for a wide array of spending possibilities, from paying bills to purchasing airline tickets.

Responsible for redesigning the experience of Membership Rewards with a unified approach to the experience of this service, I had to address the following: how products could be displayed, how marketing would persist throughout the site, and how to create a simple consumer journey.

Broken down, the challenge was to reimagine the process of how points could be spent, to remove technological hurdles like Adobe Flash and third party vendors for CMS use, and to build out a responsive, cross platform to expand upon for years to come. Prior to the redesign, users on mobile and tablet devices were unable to use the Membership Rewards service period. The new experience had to simplify process of shopping and transferring points, while providing the exact experience in a responsive form.


Logged Out vs. Authenticated

As with most online experiences, there are two variations of what a user experiences. One is based on new users or potential returning users, and the other is based on customers who remain logged into their account. For users who haven’t made it through authentication, a marketing and feature based version of Membership Rewards was pushed. For those that were authenticated, results were personalized and account details are shown up front.

Access From Anywhere

The previous Membership Rewards experience had major technological gaps. The challenge lay in the responsive coding and design, a large percentage of the pages were based in Adobe Flash and a wide variety of issues with content were apparent. With the new changes, customers are now capable of using the device of their choice, increasing both traffic and satisfaction to the membership experience.