MET-Rx Fitness

Conception, Design, Strategy, User Experience

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Directed, designed & managed the building of the MET-Rx fitness platform, from concept to production. Worked directly with MET-Rx executives to bring forward the most important fitness and nutrition based information, as seen by fitness mogul Frank Sepe. Produced the interface work for iOS and Android based applications, and the video/marketing campaigns to assist program adoption.


Since the mass adoption of smartphones and tablets, fitness applications have seen enormous growth, especially when compared to the previous use of strictly TV based marketing. Searching “Fitness” in a mobile app store will yield a slew of results, 9 out of 10 being repetitive trackers and the majority, poorly designed applications.

MET-Rx is one of the largest supplement providers in the world. Best known for their support of the Strongest Man competitions and for major fitness celebrity endorsements, the client sent out an RFP to bring back a fully scoped plan of a fitness app that handled both nutrition related information and workout tracking methods, and gave users the ability to stream training videos.

I worked with my strategist and technical director to come up with a list of functionalities that many fitness platforms lacked and that many users have frequently requested. It was evident that consumers didn’t enjoy switching between non-integrated nutrition trackers and fitness trainers. Our list is what led us to the creation of MET-Rx 180.


Real-Time Statistics & Feedback

The application is segmented into a five panel divide: the main one focused on an overview dashboard, the second related to training videos, the third was built for logging activity, the fourth tracked progress and the fifth allowed users to share content between social networks and the professional trainers at MET-Rx. Graphs and alerts made up a large part of the user interface, alerts being primarily focused on motivation of the individual and graphing for a quick understanding of progress.

An Active Dashboard

The Dashboard made up the main screen that users spent the most time on. This is where users could see everything that encompassed their progress throughout the MET-Rx 180 campaign. A user could link their account to Facebook or Twitter, build their own fitness portfolio, track their current progress statistics, create motivational tasks and leverage team activity for additional support.