Conception, Design, User Experience

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Assisted in the direction, interactions and design for the ESPN Sync app, as well as the production of responsive requirements. Worked directly with ESPN leadership to help refine both the user experience, and user interface, in order to better match ESPN’s new rebrand.


In 2014, ESPN brought me onboard to help produce the ESPN Sync app for iPad and iPhone devices. What stemmed as an extension of a prior project that I had created for ESPN, grew into a new suite of apps for the company, and while the agency that had taken over began to struggle on delivery, I had been contracted to make sure the app met its release date.

ESPN, known for its power in the sports media industry, began to realize that they would need to invest in better digital experiences in the late 2000’s. With the new initiative in producing services that they hadn’t offered prior to this time, came the struggle of shifting both the brand, as well as the digital design properties of this media conglomerate.


Control of Alerts

Although the ESPN app is toned down in overall functionality, the few functions that had been pitched were based on alerts and the ability to cater your content by the users choice. Being able to quickly toggle on alerts for specific content was one of the primary functions of this app, and from a users perspective, this is incredibly helpful when keeping track of multiple games simultaneously.

Onboarding Flows

As with most content driven apps, ESPN Sync required a clean, easy way to point out features and functionalities. A startup tutorial ran through the app on a touch-by-touch basis, highlighting specific areas of the app within the given section.


Marketing Ready

Upon completion of the app interface, I worked with ESPN leadership to ensure that there were flexible assets for use in marketing collateral. I prepped in device screens, as well as background placements for ad campaigns that followed newly released ESPN style guides.


The Final Product

The ESPN app has since released in multiple variations over the last few years, but the initial framework and pitch is what is seen here. An app that provides sports news, up-to-date scores, the ability to track and interact with friends, as well as live streaming content is what really puts the value behind this project.

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