Applegate Farms

Design, Direction, User Experience

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Directed the redesign of Applegate Farms website and packaging. Helped integrate the new branding scheme, established interactive mapping functionality to track individual meat and dairy products, and helped create an internal consumer driven recipe center.


After responding to an RFP for Applegate Farms, I had the unique opportunity to meet Stephen McDonnell, CEO of Applegate Farms.

Steve was an extremely ecstatic entrepreneur, with strong views of world problems. His most emphasized problem was harvesting foods without the use of chemical additives or antibiotics. He was a health fanatic, someone who took true pride in what he did and where he was going. The first time I met him, I remember he glared across the table and asked, “Can you feel this? Can you sense my energy?”

I personally loved the guy. I also loved what he stood for and what his company’s image stood for. His end all quote for our RFP was “If I do things correctly and change the way we get our meats and produce, I’ll be out of business in 10 years”. Steve wanted every company to adapt to the same model that Applegate Farms stood for. No chemical additives or antibiotics in any meats, dairy products or produce in general.

I pitched the project with a long time colleague while working for a small agency at the time. The goal was to get Steve to buy into a website, brand and marketing campaign where the consumer curates the content. Less than a year after that meeting, we launched the new Applegate Farms.


Customer Generated Reviews

Applegate had an incredibly strong and passionate fan base. Despite the low amount of socially driven posts within its community, the people purchasing Applegate products were vocal about their love for both antibiotic-free products, and the brand’s treatment of their animals. With that in mind, I opened up the concept of allowing customers to drive the content on the site. Reviews, Ratings and Recipes became a sustainable user-driven component.

Strategic Branding

Prior to the new website and branding release, Applegate Farms had pushed what they had considered a more natural and home cooked feel. The idea was great, but the execution lacked. A lot of the elements were very crayon-like, drawing more attention towards what a lot of people considered a children’s website. I put together a mood board for the look and feel that we wanted to portray with the new brand.